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Back Door(s)

Single Back Door

Double Back Doors (12-wide only)

*The Back Door cannot be added in addition to the back shelf.

the view from the inside of a Yoderbilt greenhouse

Gardening Tables

These handcrafted two-tier gardening tables provide a convenient workspace, potting area, upper and lower shelving, and ample room for seed starting.

2x4  -  $115
2x8  -  $225
3x4  -  $175
3x8  -  $350

Built-in Back Shelving

Accessorize your greenhouse with our built-in back shelving option. The shelving provides a great area for seed trays, staging seedlings, displaying small-medium plants, and general storage. The configurations can include upper only, lower only, or both upper/lower.

8-wide Greenhouses  -  $100 per shelf
12-wide Greenhouses  -  $150 per shelf

*Please note that these are the only options for the built-in shelving and cannot be reconfigured to a different location. Also, the back shelving cannot be added if you are adding a backdoor.

Double Doors


Can only be added to the 12 foot wide greenhouses. 

a Yoderbilt greehouse stained brown with both doors closed.

Electrical Packages

Electrical Package Options

  • 2 Waterproof Outlets
  • 1 Overhead LED Light
  • 2 20-amp Circuits
  • Rear Auto-Vent upgraded to Rear Exhaust Fan