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Our Story

From Travis and Angela

The Yoderbilt story is pretty simple. Angela wanted a greenhouse that would provide a way to grow food and overwinter her plants. So, Travis set out to give her one. When he couldn’t find a greenhouse that met his standards, he decided to build one. Before he could even give her the greenhouse, others saw his work and started asking for their own. From there, the Yoderbilt Greenhouse was born. Since then, it’s been one of their greatest rewards to share this experience and lifestyle with so many others.

Travis and Angela Yoder looking at each other sitting at a table in a kitchen.

More Than A


When you have a Yoderbilt Greenhouse, it’s more than a greenhouse—it’s an opportunity to enjoy a space that is uniquely yours. It’s your morning coffee and quiet space to start your day. It’s an afternoon escape. It’s an evening breath of calm with a glass of wine. It’s growing fresh herbs and vegetables when it’s cold outside. It’s about sharing and providing for family and friends. It can be challenging and rewarding, creative and fun. It’s a lifestyle.



Be Inspired

With Yoderbilt, the blank canvas is yours and the creative possibilities are endless. Enjoy the limitless styling of your outdoor living space.