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Choosing a Location for Your Yoderbilt Greenhouse

Jul 31, 2020

Choosing a Location for Your Yoderbilt Greenhouse

Hey, everyone! It’s Shannon, giving you a little update on my very own journey to a Yoderbilt Greenhouse! 

I officially got the call from Angela to go over my electrical package a few days ago when I was working from home. I hear her on the phone with so many of you so often, I know how great she is walking you through the process and she did the very same thing for me. As soon as the electrical package is finished, it will be ready for delivery. 

Since I am on this side of the fence right now, let’s talk about my location choice. I’ll be honest, I’ve been a little anxious in picking the perfect spot. But, once I talked it over Angela, I knew exactly where I wanted it to be. Some opt for shady areas, but because my main goal is to over-winter my plants, grow food throughout the winter, and start 100% of my spring seedlings, I wanted my placement to be in full sun right up until sunset. 

As mentioned before, I am going with Travis’s recommendation for weed barrier and gravel. In addition to a simple gravel foundation, we will be bringing in some extra dirt to the area because of things I want to add to the area over a period of time. That part isn’t a have-to, but something I want to do in order to add additional raised beds, which I’m a big fan of! 

A green field.
A tree in a yard.

Location: ✔️

Next up: minimal dirt work, weed barrier and gravel.

I’ll take you along every step of the way!