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Joe Lamp'l standing in the doorway of his Yoderbilt greenhouse with gray stain.

From Seed to Success with Joe Lamp’l

Nov 2, 2023

From Seed to Success with Joe Lamp’l

For one greenhouse customer, Joe Lamp'l, it's more than a hobby. It's the opportunity to share his expertise and connect with his community. 

Joe Lamp'l's Greenhouse Story

Host and Executive Producer of Growing a Greener World®

Joe Lamp’l is the Creator, Host and Executive Producer of the Emmy-award-winning national PBS series, Growing a Greener World®, Founder of, and creator of the new Joe Gardener Online Gardening Academy™.

Interior of a Yoderbilt Greenhouse with brown stain. There are a large amount of nursey potted plants lining wooden bench's spanning the Greenhouse.

He is also the previous host of Fresh from the Garden on DIY Network, as well as on-air contributor to Today, Good Morning America and The Weather Channel. Past awards include The American Horticultural Society’s B.Y. Morrison Communication Award, which recognizes effective and inspirational communication—through print, radio, television, podcasts and other online media.

Joe shares how he uses his Yoderbilt greenhouse:

"As a lifetime passionate gardener, and one who has also made a career out of it with a national platform, about the only thing holding me back from taking my profession to the next level was more space, and a controlled growing environment. Enter Yoderbilt Greenhouse.

While a greenhouse has been a decades long bucket list goal, I wasn’t willing to settle. But who knew it would take me years to find the one I knew would serve my needs as a passionate personal gardener, as well as a professional horticulturist and gardening authority to an international audience on-air and online. I strongly believe that you get what you pay for, and you don’t take shortcuts. And that’s why I waited until I finally found the greenhouse and company that would not only meet my needs, but allow me to “grow” my avocation and vocation well beyond where I was prior to having my own Yoderbilt Greenhouse.

Interior of a Yoderbilt greenhouse filled with green plants.

The quality, aesthetics, exceptional customer support and service, and the assurance of knowing they were there to support me for the long haul, not to mention they are a family owned, U.S based business sealed the deal for me. Now, a year into my ownership experience, I can’t adequately express how happy I am with my decision to go with Yoderbilt. My business of seedlings sales doubled this year - my first year of growing my starts in the greenhouse.

My seedlings have never looked better, and my customers have never been happier. I’ve received more positive feedback from my customers who have also had incredible success from the quality of their plants, and the productivity of their harvest. They say the test of a good decision is the test of time. Well, I can honestly say, one year in, I could not be happier with my decision, and I know that it is only going to get better from here. My only regret is not having room for a second Yoderbilt greenhouse…but I’m working on it!"

Joe Lamp'l

woman walking through outdoor garden

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