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Inside of Yoderbilt greenhouse with brown stain with a chandelier and various plants.

From Seed to Success with Sunny Acres

Nov 2, 2023

From Seed to Success with Sunny Acres

Many of our customers have turned their passion for gardening into profitable businesses. We're sharing the story of Sunny Acres Farm, an outdoor photography location and wedding venue.

Yoderbilt Greenhouse with brown stain at the end of a paved path with white chairs lined up on both sides.

Photography Backdrop

& Wedding Venue

Making use of the creative indoor space and the greenhouse's beautiful setting as a backdrop, Sunny Acres Farm has successfully transformed their Yoderbilt into an oasis for photographers.

"Sunny Acres Farm is an outdoor photography location located in Mounds, Oklahoma, a small suburb of Tulsa. We chose Yoderbilt for the beauty the greenhouse presents before even adding anything to it. Our greenhouse has been a wonderful addition to our business, creating a beautiful backdrop and place to gather for special memories.

From engagements, elopements, family photography sessions and even a few weddings. Follow our journey on Instagram and facebook to see what we create from such a beautiful greenhouse. Next up, 'Christmas in the Greenhouse!'"

Lacie Ledford, Oklahoma

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