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Front view of a Yoderbilt Greenhouse with gray stain. Double doors are held open by potted plants. There are various plants spread around on wooden tables. In front is a white couch with a side table and large potted plant next to it.

Getting Ready for Your Yoderbilt Greenhouse Delivery

Jun 28, 2023

Getting Ready for Your Yoderbilt Greenhouse Delivery

Between placing your initial order, customizing your greenhouse, and the anticipation of its arrival, we have to say, delivery day is our favorite! Our team dedicates ourselves to ensuring that the entire process from ordering to delivery is a seamless experience.

Ahead of delivery, you'll need to prepare your space by clearing it out to give our team six feet of clearance. You'll also prepare your foundation and need to have CAP blocks on hand. Some other to-dos you can expect include trimming tree limbs, and checking your gates and fencing to ensure proper space is given to access the delivery site.

Our team is with you every step of the way, and wants you to have all of the information needed to make sure that your delivery day goes smoothly. That way, the only thing you have to worry about is what adventure you'll start first in your very own Yoderbilt Greenhouse.