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Close up of several blooming flowers.

New Yoderbilt Greenhouse Owner Series

Jul 28, 2020

New Yoderbilt Greenhouse Owner Series

Hey, everyone! This is Shannon. I'm a member of the Yoderbilt team and Angela's best friend since forever. We started Kindergarten together! Angela and Travis are truly family to me, so working with them every day has been an absolute dream come true.

Here's something fun that I wanted to take you along on! I have always wanted a greenhouse. When I was twelve, I spent many summer days up the road at one of our neighbor's beautiful farm. It sat upon out town's hill looking over into the next little community. It was breathtaking. 

Mr. and Mrs. K were an elderly couple who loved all things gardening. I fell in love. I had always grown up with gardens around me, but what I experienced on their beautiful farm, changed me. If I went missing (and, I did more than once) my parents knew where to find me. 

Mr. K would give me plant clippings often. I decided I would have my own greenhouse. I arranged a corner of my dad's metak building with no true source of sunlight into a space for my plants. I was so proud. For the few days they survived, it was glorious...and then painful. I put that greenhouse dream on hold. 

Close up of several blooming flowers.
Image of Shannon Walker and Angela Yoder.

Since Angela and Travis built their very first greenhouse (under that front yard shade tree), I've wanted a Yoderbilt greenhouse. Due to a different career path though, I literally had no time to enjoy one. My work hours were crazy.

When I officially joined the team in January, my goal was to have a greenhouse by that fall, as I was still pretty busy transitioning from my own business to the team on Yoderbilt. I thought that by then, I would have my new schedule mapped out and be settled in. Well, I have and I am! 

Guess who has a greenhouse coming? I am beyond thrilled and want to take you along my journey as I'm new to it as well! I have spent a lot of time in Angela's and learned so much from her, but I still have so much to learn. She is so encouraging as she tells me she's still learning every day. 

But, like you, I have all of the questions too! I knew I wanted to get a jump start on the fall rush, and I can happily report that my greenhouse is almost ready, and we are waiting for our foundation work to be done. I am going with Travis's recommendation of a weed barrier and about 3 inches of clean gravel. There are all different types of variations you can use, but that's the way Angela's greenhouse is set up, so I'm going with that. It's simple, allows for excellent drainage, and it just works! 

I will start posting pictures at the time our foundation work gets started. And, I'll take you through the process from that point on. Today, a little push mower should arrive so I can keep my greenhouse area neat and tidy. What color combo do you think I got? Hopefully, I'll be able to post that soon as it is driving down my driveway!

Feel free to ask me any questions along the way. If I haven't figured it out yet, I have the greenhouse pro sitting next to me most days.