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Exterior view of a gray stain Yoderbilt Greenhouse with double doors that are held open by two potted plants. The interior can be seen with a wooden table and several plants.

Why Do I Need a Greenhouse?

Mar 9, 2020

Why Do I Need a Greenhouse?

Typically when we receive a call from a customer to place an order for one of our greenhouses, they've already done the research and answered the question, "Why do I need or want a greenhouse?" 

Front view of a Yoderbilt Greenhouse with gray stain. Double doors are held open by potted plants. There are various plants spread around on wooden tables. In front is a white couch with a side table and large potted plant next to it.

The answer to the previous questions usually comes down to the fact that Yoderbilt Greenhouses are of the highest quality, a beautiful addition to your space, and a highly functional product with extreme attention to detail.

We invest our time into your greenhouse from the moment we take your call, placement of the order, and well past the time we have delivered.

We've had many conversations that give us insight as to why a greenhouse is a good fit our customers' gardening endeavors. If you're considering on purchasing a greenhouse, we'd love to shed some light on this process.

Throughout the years, we've heard similar statements coming from our customers, such as, "It's something I've always wanted from a very young age," "I can grow my own food year-round," "It's a dream come true," and so many more!

Although everyone purchases for their own reason, we've had the honor of working with so many customers and making certain that our Yoderbilt Greenhouses serve and fulfill the need or desire they have identified for themselves as given us a great perspective from their viewpoint.  

Exterior view of a gray stain Yoderbilt Greenhouse with double doors that are closed. Two potted plants sit outside the doors.
Close up of a wooden table with a wooden box with flowers in it, water can and potted plants. It's sitting inside a Yoderbilt Greenhouse.

“We built our first greenhouse years ago for a combination of reasons. We wanted our family to be more self-sustaining, we wanted it to be well-made and beautiful and we had simply had always wanted one but couldn't find an affordable one to meet our standards.  So, after many attempts, we perfected the one we love and that our customers do as well. ”

Angela Yoder

Tray sitting on top of a table with the Yoderbilt logo etched on it. Two plants and soil are inside the tray.

Benefits of Owning a Greenhouse

  • Being able to start your seedlings is a great way to get a jump start on the season. Gardening year-round? It's a wonderful option to have!
  • You have the means to grow your own healthy food year-round, drastically cutting down your food budget and lending to a more self-sustaining life.
  • It allows you to easily save and grow from your own seeds, making it possible to avoid having to purchase from commercial growers or local nurseries.
  • A greenhouse allows you to grow varieties of food and flowers that your local nursery does not carry.
  • You have an all-in-one gardening location; a garden shed is not required.
  • You can have consistent gardening with plant protection in an optimum environment.
  • Every spring, you can spend hundreds of dollars on plants. Even in doing that, you often want more. With a greenhouse, you have the option to grow about as many seeds and varieties as you wish.
  • It makes it feasible to start your own seedling company, farmers market vendor, or jump into the growing cut flower market. It can yield a high return on your investment.
  • A greenhouse can be great for your mental health (just ask someone who has one) as well as your physical health in keeping you active, outdoors (even when it's cold out, the greenhouse is warm and cozy), and doing something you love.

A greenhouse purchase should be made with quality in mind. So as you consider purchasing one, consider Yoderbilt Greenhouses as your top choice.