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Grow Mixed Lettuce this Fall & Winter

Green plant in a metal planter.

Did you know that most of the lettuce in the United States is grown, cut, cleaned, packaged and transported from only two states: California and Arizona? That takes a lot of time to get from harvest to your table. Lettuce is such an easy and inexpensive crop to grow that it makes more sense to…

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Preserving Herbs & Nutrient Rich Foods with Dehydration

Green herbs.

As greenhouses and gardens produce a lot of harvest, dehydration is a valuable tool to preserve herbs and other vegetables. It’s also a simple process! You can dehydrate foods like kale, herbs, spinach, celery leaf, broccoli greens, tomatoes, peppers, the list goes on.

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Starting Tomato Cuttings in a Greenhouse

Tomatoes hanging from a vine.

A few summers back, we started tomato seeds in our Yoderbilt Greenhouse because there were certain varieties we couldn’t find the seeds to order as they were sold out. A few months later, we took fall cuttings from our favorite tomato plants in the garden to grow and overwinter.

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How to Grow Lettuce

Lettuce plant in a planter.

Lettuce is one of the easiest crops you can grow, anyone can do it. We have been gardening for years and it is still one of our favorite crops! There are many different types of lettuce to choose from, making it such a great crop to have in your greenhouse and garden.

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Our Top 20 List of Vegetables to Grow this Fall

Various plants and flower on wooden benches inside a Yoderbilt greenhouse.

As we enter our last days of summer, we’re excited to share our top 20 list of cool-season vegetable crops to grow in your Yoderbilt Greenhouse. Fall is a magical time for greenhouse gardening, offering the perfect conditions to cultivate vegetables, vibrant flowers, and more.

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