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Close up of several gardening tools in front of a wooden wall.

December Garden To-Do List

Dec 9, 2020

December Garden To-Do List

Summer is a somewhat distant memory. Our steps slowed a bit in the fall. Winter is quickly approaching, but it's no time to hibernate. December is the PERFECT time to continue a slower-paced transition into the next growing season.

A slowed but steady pace will keep you on track for the seasons to come. Because like so many, we "wake-up," and it's spring with a list a mile long of things that have to be readied, and the frenzy begins. Let's approach it differently this year. By doing these small tasks in December, your spring and summer will go A LOT smoother, and you'll be able to enjoy your garden time so much more.  Which is ALWAYS the goal!

  1.  It's time to prep your equipment and tools for next year. Cleaning your tools and servicing your equipment will not only prolong their life, but it will prevent a lot of frustration when you are a little late in planting your spring/summer garden, and that tiller won't start. This time of year, the servicing providers are typically a little less busy than in the spring when everyone else also realized their equipment wouldn't start. Also, take this time to replace any tools or equipment that fall into that category.
  2. If you haven't gathered and mulched your leaves, do this easy and beneficial task before you lose out on the opportunity. Consider utilizing your lawnmower to mulch both large and small amounts of leaves; if you have a lawnmower with a bag, even better. Go ahead and add this to your compost pile or your spring bed.
  3. Order your seed catalogs.
  4. Sketch out any garden additions or revisions and list the material you will need to complete the new tasks.
  5. Continue to monitor any stored bulbs for decay or disease and dispose of any containing signs of the above.
  6. Add any disease-free garden remnants to your compost pile and continue to turn it over the next months.
  7. Forage and make holiday decorations.